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20 Sticks Indian Incense

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Experience the therapeutic benefits of incense with this 20 pack of sticks. Containing a variety of Indian Incenses, including White Sage, Lavender, Yoga, and Sea Breeze, this set helps with purifying air, deodorisation, and aromatherapy. Enjoy the transformative effects of its enchanting scents.



Customer Reviews

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Ayla Wuckert

The product came packaged well,
Took it to reach a little more time משחשבתי but are פיצו two sticks of smells more.
Thank you🙏❤️

Camylle O'Connell

Have, have, have ..... I got the wrong article :-(compared to the photo that shows packs of incense sticks. In fact we do not receive the sticks packages, we receive this stick holder ..... I have a bad look. A pity that the photo suggests that we order different stick ..... see photo of what we see first. I should have been more careful.

Gay Glover

15.04.23 - 10.05.23
It's great, the smell of sandalwood is my favorite

Mariana Auer

15.04.23 - 10.05.23
It's great, the smell of sandalwood is my favorite

Tristin Runolfsdottir

I don't know if the other is combined shipping. It arrived in 10 days ~~

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