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Amber Crystal Ball

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The Amber Crystal Ball is a naturally-formed divination tool crafted from real amber. Its smooth dome, excellent clarity, and transparent coloring all provide an ideal canvas for spiritual insight and exploration. Its rounded shape ensures comfortable handling for any user.



Customer Reviews

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Columbus Nolan

it's 30mm, right size, very nice. came with a base even though I didn't select one. nice bonus, I've also bought a 60mm one that's on the way, they're for my dad's birthday. he knows we can't afford real amber, but its his favorite color. the least I can do is get him a nice glass art piece if his favorite color. my mother already thinks the small one is beautiful, and she's excited to see his reaction when his birthday comes around.

Blanca Howell

More yellow than Amber

Lonzo Stanton

Smallest size is bigger than my thumb

Randy Kessler

The wooden base is big for a ball of 3cm ! :-o lol

Garrison Thiel

Thank you for the quality goods, Super stand!

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