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Amber Necklace or Bracelet


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How does it works?

When the necklace is worn, the person’s body heat warms up the amber beads and aids in the release of the succinic acid. This acid is a natural analgesic. Therefore, when it’s released, it reduces one’s pain and inflammation.
Apart from its natural pain-relieving properties, Baltic amber’s succinic acid may also help improve your body’s immune system. Plus, it calms the body down, thereby allowing kids to be less fussy when they’re teething. Adults can also benefit from its calming properties whenever they are experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety.
Succinic acid is also rich in antioxidants, which is one of the reasons why some skincare products contain succinic acid since it fights against the harmful effects of free radicals. The acid also activates production of proteins, prevents skin dehydration, and counteracts hyperpigmentation. Pregnant women can also use amber necklaces to relieve the stress associated with pregnancy without causing harm to themselves or
their unborn child.
If you wish to take advantage of its benefits, make sure that you wear the necklace close to the ailment. That is, if you have arthritis in your hand, you will find it more advantageous to wear a bracelet rather than a Baltic amber necklace.
Also, make sure that you choose a light color. The reason for this is that the lighter the amber is, the greater the amount of succinic acid it contains.

Main Stone: Amber
Pendant Size: 4mm--5mm
Beads shape: Irregular, Baroque
Amber Beads Size: 4mm--6mm
Necklace length: 33cm for baby

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Emerson Rau

Amber Necklace or Bracelet

Lester Anderson

Amber Necklace or Bracelet

Elisha Brown


Percy Franecki

I think it's real? Worse is beautiful. I recommend it!

Heidi Johnson

Hello. The order came thank you very much I'm delighted, the amber is really natural, passed the check, thank you very much. Very pleased with the bracelet, and he 100% natural!

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