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Wooden Divination Pendulum Boards

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When it comes to divination, the pendulum board is a popular spiritual tool and metaphysical art form that is very beginner-friendly!

How to Use a Pendulum Board

You’ll quickly discover that a pendulum board is easy to use and understand. Even as a beginner, a pendulum board is effortless and straightforward, and you can even create your own!

Pendulums are often used for spiritual healing and development. Like using a Ouija board, you want to be in a positive mindset because this can influence your reading. You’ll receive more interesting guidance if you concentrate on positive vibes and remain open-minded. Let go of any negative thoughts clouding your mind.

Next, you’ll want to cleanse your pendulum board as well as the pendulum before use. This will prevent getting deceptive answers and attracting negative energy. There are several ways to cleanse your pendulum and pendulum board, but here are a few examples:

  • Moon water
  • Sound vibrations or music
  • Cleansing crystals
  • Burn incense or candles
  • Salt

Begin by holding the pendulum chain in your hand between your thumb and index finger. Then suspend it over a pendulum board that’s been placed on a flat surface. Some people choose to hold it in their non-dominant hand, but the choice is up to you.

The pendulum will appear to move all on its own, to begin with, so you’ll need to establish which direction is yes and no. You can do this in one of two ways:

  • Simply request the pendulum tell you which direction is yes and no
  • Ask the pendulum a question you know a yes or no answer to

Feel free to rotate the pendulum board to correspond with the pendulum’s swing. Take your time with this step to ensure you’re receiving accurate information.

Ask a direct question that can be answered with “YES,” “NO,”” Maybe, “Rephrase,” or any other phrases, numbers, or letters found on your pendulum board.

Please avoid asking questions that include the terms should I, I’m supposed to, can I, when, or how because these can be vague and difficult to get clear answers from.

Instead, ask questions that include the phrases will I, can I, or do I.

Keep it specific and be clear with your phrasing. Be honest and refrain from asking questions about others. As long as you start the process with an open mind and a positive attitude, you will get the answers you seek.

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Fredy Jacobson

Omg I loooooove how this looks! I may end up getting a larger one at some point but for now I love this one as it is!

Rodolfo Grady

Wooden Divination Pendulum Boards

Alanna Stracke

Wooden Divination Pendulum Boards

Demarcus Dach

Wooden Divination Pendulum Boards

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