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Chakra Bracelets

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The Seven Chakras

There are seven chakras, each of which corresponds to a different section of the body and a different color. (Sometimes you might see these chakras linked to a different part of your endocrine system or nervous system, although that’s not backed up by scientific studies.) Chakra names were originally written in Sanskrit, although these are the names, we typically call them today.

Here are the seven chakras and their associated colors and locations on the body. (Note: Sometimes the colors of the upper chakras vary depending on the school of thought associated with them.)

Root Chakra  

Color: Red 

Location: Bottom of the tailbone  

Sacral Chakra 

Color: Orange 

Location: Between the tailbone and the belly button  

Solar Plexus Chakra  

Color: Yellow 

Location: Belly button area  

Heart Chakra  

Color: Green 

Location: Center of your chest  

Throat Chakra 

Color: Blue 

Location: Pit of your throat 

Third Eye Chakra 

Color: Indigo 

Location: Between your eyebrows 

Crown Chakra  

Color: Purple 

Location: The top of your head 

How to Align or Balance Your Chakras 

Simply taking time out to relax can start to get your balance back in shape. “Let’s say I’m not pushing for a deadline, or I’ve had a good meal and I’m able to take a nice walk with my dog after work or after dinner,” Bar says. “My body, my mind, everything feels a little bit better. I’m allowing that flow to come through me. Nothing is blocking that energy, which happens when I’m feeling fear, or feeling insecure or nervous.” 

Doing yoga is also a great way to balance your chakras. In fact, each chakra has a corresponding different yoga pose and can also respond to our breath and meditation practice.     

However, Bar stresses that even if you focus your movements on one chakra, you’ll feel benefits across multiple places. “It’s just like when you move your leg,” says Bar. “It will affect another part of your body. There’s no one pose that affects only one chakra. When you do one motion, it will affect others.

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Chakra Bracelets cannot have enough

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Chakra Bracelets

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I really liked them.

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I really liked them.

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The bracelet is very pretty although the colors are not as vivid as they look in the photo but it is pretty, totally recommended. It took a little while.

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