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Natural Gemstone w/ Dragons Necklace

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This Natural Gemstone w/ Dragons Necklace is a sophisticated piece of jewelry crafted with the finest gemstones that boast vibrant colors and intricate detail. It features a geometric style with a dragon design interwoven throughout, making it truly unique. It is the perfect way to accessorize your style with a touch of elegance.

Customer Reviews

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Cullen Fritsch

How beautiful he is!!! Thank you very much to the seller for the quality goods and fast delivery. Be sure to order in your store more. So carefully packed!!! Thank you.

Jakob Batz

It's even better than in the photo. Thank you seller!

Lupe Buckridge

I liked the pendants, the Dragons are steep, the Stones liked, there is a metal chain and a lace

Regan Sporer

Received my parcel in 35 days in Pakistan 🇵🇰.
parcel is in good condition, recommended seller.

Florence Keeling

The stone is like natural, but everything else is plastic. But for such everything is fine and beautiful.

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