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Natural Stone Pendants Necklace

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This necklace incorporates multiple natural stone pendants for a unique and stylish accent. With a range of different stones to choose from, these necklaces offer a timeless and beautiful style that is sure to stand out. Crafted with care, the pendants are carefully attached to a durable and comfortable chain.



Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Guido Grant

Love the different sizes and shapes these come in. Very natural looking. Good quality

Layla Daugherty

What a more precious necklace, I love that under little lighting the necklace changes color. Very cute stone Excellent Product

Dallas Ernser

Packed just gorgeous. The pendants were combined and wrapped with tape, everything came safe and sound. Zakazaa amethyst and strawberry quartz. Similar to natural stone

Keely Romaguera

Very beautiful pendant, the length is adjustable. The lace is Brown, the Pebble itself looks like natural, but I don't understand. Came to the mailbox, the pendant itself was additionally wrapped with pimpled film♡ I bought it to my friend, so I didn't get it, I may add a review.

Stella Dooley

A small piece of ugly stuck out at the edge of the bottom. Pinched and polished with a nail file it became so normal. Natural stone

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