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Rare White Moonstone Tumbled Stone 50g

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Since ancient times, moonstone is known to have a tangible connection to the magic and mystic properties of the moon. It is used as a gift for lovers of passion, an amulet of protection for travelers, a channel for prophecy and a supportive path to wisdom.

The Romans believed that moonstone crystals enclosed in the image of the moon goddess, Diana, can encourage love, victory, wealth and wisdom upon its possessor. It is used to provide gifts of prophecy and second sight, clearing the mind and allowing its wearer to reach a wise decision.

Being a sacred stone in India, the moonstone crystal is believed to bring good fortune and has a special significance for lovers, arousing tender passion and romance.

As a professional support stone, the moonstone also helps artists and dancers in their self-expression, inspiring the heart and decision making of executives as well as helping educators in sharing activities. It is also used by waiters, psychologists and secretaries to enhance self-acceptance and self-esteem as well as promoting sensitivity.

In addition, moonstone is used to console anyone who feels helpless due to weight problems and worn to help encourage self-esteem, self-worth and acceptance for who they are.

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Destiny Parisian

Rare White Moonstone Tumbled Stone 50g

Itzel Cassin

Rare White Moonstone Tumbled Stone 50g

Helene Klein

A little small for what I’m using them for, but they’ll work.

Blaise Nicolas

Rare White Moonstone Tumbled Stone 50g

Reggie Emmerich

Rare White Moonstone Tumbled Stone 50g

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