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Daisy's, Hugs, Bats, Silver Rings

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This finely crafted set of Daisy's, Hugs, Bats, and Silver Rings is designed to provide a classic, yet modern appeal. Constructed from the finest metals and fabrics, each piece is expertly designed to last and provide a unique, stylish look.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Deonte Hudson

A wonderful ring! It is not very neat, but, if you do not look at it, it looks cute, and the size is also adjustable <3 to Yekaterinburg reached 16 days together with other orders.

Katrina Monahan

Very nice ring... And small... Only on the pinkie

Greta Ernser

Corresponds to the description, everything is fine, just did not understand how the size is adjusted

Madonna Murazik

In the photo white Chamomile, in real life Silver, Delivered with 1 day delay. This is not critical.

Jazmyn Prohaska

The seller did not send the ring for a long time, if you write in personal messages, the bot will respond. If in a brief then the ring is detailed, beautiful and slightly heavy. I can hardly wear it because it's even big on my thumb. MB something will come up with✨

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