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Wooden Prayer Beads Bracelet

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Who doesn't need prayer beads!!

Although you can use almost all types of beads to meditate, specific colors and stones have their meaning and can be used by the wearer to achieve a given purpose. The gemstones used to create the Mala stones have varying energies and healing properties, and you should know the meaning of the beads during meditation. You would want to choose the right ones with the properties that benefit you. For instance, if you want to reduce stress, increase creativity, or enhance your sexual energy, you can use different stones with a specific aura. Moreover, you can consider the texture and appearance of the gemstone, especially if you will be hanging it on the neck or the wrist throughout the day.

The Brown/Biege and wooden beads promote awakening and spiritual awareness. It can help you dedicate yourself to your faith and provide mental stability. It can inspire self-confidence and improves relationships with friends and family. It can help you forgive and release bitterness from your heart.

Green beads promote empathy, perseverance, prosperity, and the ability to make straightforward decisions. It is suitable for comfort and healing and promotes well-being and promotes calmness. It is suitable for leaders and managers.

The Orange mala beads stimulate creativity and encourage vitality, courage, and positive life choices. It can boost fertility, increase passion, compassion and stimulate sexuality. They are helpful for cleansing, relieving stress and emotional turmoil. It can help you attract love, pleasure, and happiness and is suitable for dealing with coming out of a long illness. You can wear these beads every day as they can be good for luck.

The Red is associated with empathetic, rejuvenating, creative, grounding, and organized energy. It can help you stay focused and find clarity in everyday activities and can remote healing from illnesses. Some people say it can reduce allergies to animals and calm them when they feel overwhelmed. They are also source of motivation, protection, confidence, humbleness, and perception. It is suitable to use it to attain commitment and accomplish self-set goals. Moreover, it balances the sex drive. Garnet red mala beads are helpful for cleansing and energizing and can inspire love, devotion, and balance your sex drive. It induces courage, self-confident, and sharpened perceptions. It can inhibit taboos and other perceptions with robust and intense power.

The Black help control hyperactivity disorder that may cause sleeplessness. Calm, invigorate, and purify the mind and body. May also work during difficult times to bring strength and calmness. Repel negative energy. Detoxifying effects, Base chakra stimulator. Promote Grounding, boost self-control, improve health and protection
Increases endurance, balances all the body energy, brings great fortune. May also help with helping to clear a confused state of mind, promote strength and compassion, increases insightfulness and stability, brings down walls formed by past encounters
Protect the mind against bad energy

Bracelets Type: Strand 
Material: Wood
Chain Type: Beaded
Shape\pattern: Round
Clasp Type: Toggle-clasps
Fine or Fashion: Fashion
Model Number: Bracelets
Length: 55cm

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Trudie Bashirian

Wooden Prayer Beads Bracelet

Fabian Stanton

In the description of the goods was indicated 8mm, and sent 6mm. They're very small.

Roger Bailey

In the description of the goods was indicated 8mm, and sent 6mm. They're very small.

Melissa Berge

Wooden Prayer Beads Bracelet

Nikko Torp

Wooden Prayer Beads Bracelet

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