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Yellow Jade Towers

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Meaning & Energy

When it comes to healing physical ailments of the body, the yellow jade crystal is able to assist in alleviating the symptoms of thyroid and spleen related issues as well as digestive troubles. Many individuals have also reported that yellow jade assists in remedying chronic fatigue as well as boosting general cognitive capacities and creative inspiration.

On a more emotional level, yellow jade is a truly wonderful support system for encouraging you to embody a more confident version of yourself. The silky yellow of the stone speaks to your deep wisdom and higher truth, thus allowing you to live a more grounded and peaceful existence.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rickey Eichmann

Yellow Jade Towers

Sheila Pfeffer

I really do love it. It is just as described and the seller was really great as well.

Anissa Beatty

So very happy with this one!

Jovanny Bechtelar

Yellow Jade Towers

Adolf Lockman

wasn't that yellow, more of a greenish yellow colour

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